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    Hello SMS Raider Families-

    A new year. It always feels like permission for a fresh start- full of opportunities, goals, and ideas on how to make this year the best year yet. However, inevitably, something will happen this year that will set us back, not go the way we would've hoped or make us feel like we've failed in someway. How does that make you feel? How do you respond? How do you move forward
    As adults, we've learned how to cope, how to work through our emotions, how to see the bigger picture, and how to overcome challenges. It's a work in progress, even for us. How are we supporting our children when they are learning these skills? It's not easy. They too face adversity, and sometimes failure. Sometimes it's a simple thing like forgetting their homework or ID badge, sometimes it's a setback like making a bad grade, not making the team, or navigating difficult friendships...how do we help our kids build resilience? How do we get our kids to take risks, and try something new, especially when failure can be scary?
    I think a helpful tool we can use is to encourage a growth mindset. We can help children work through set backs, accept that life is full of challenges, we have to own up to our mistakes, learn from the experience and move forward. Don't let failure scare us into less than our best.
    So many times I've heard kids say "I can't do it" or "It's too hard" or "I won't make it anyways, so why even try..." They've given up before they've even tried! Teaching GRIT and resilience doesn't happen overnight. It takes lots of conversations, encouragement, and being a parent that is understanding enough to say, "I've failed too, and I didn't give up, and we're going to work through this together because you are worth it and you are capable."  
    I love this quote: 
    Let's help our kids make this their best year yet. Challenge them, encourage them, and don't let them give up. We've got this! Middle school is hard, but we're in this together Raider families! Have a great start to the new year! 
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