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    Ashley Broom
    English III/English III Honors
    Head Girls Track & Field
    Assistant Volleyball 
    Sunnyvale High School
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    This week in English III:

    Overview- Unit 04: Powerful Persuasion

    This unit bundles student expectations that address word study, reading, and writing of persuasive texts as well as how words, images, graphics, and sounds work together in various forms of media to impact meaning. The goal of this unit is to provide students the skills and processes to deconstruct both print and non-print messages to make informed decisions based on the credibility of sources. Through the analysis of the persuasive techniques, students will be able to generate valid claims and support them with logical, effective appeals and arguments.

    Writing- Persuasive Writing/ Analyzing Claims

    Vocabulary- *SAT words

    Reading focus- The Scarlet Letter/ Self Selected 

    Presentation- TBA


    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: