• Sunnyvale ISD Gifted and Talented Program

    Sunnyvale Independent School District recognizes the individualdifferences in abilities, needs and interests of the school populationit serves. A sound instructional program for Sunnyvale ISD studentsincludes a program for gifted and talented learners. These students canbenefit from instruction that develops and challenges their uniqueabilities in an environment that fosters creativity and productivity.Recognizing that gifted students possess distinct characteristics andneeds, Sunnyvale ISD commits itself to provide a quality, optimaleducational experience for each gifted and talented student.

    Sunnyvale Elementary School Contact:
    Suzanne Valenta
    email: suzanne.valenta@sunnyvaleisd.com

    Sunnyvale Middle School Contact:
    Carolyn Baker
    email: carolyn.baker@sunnyvaleisd.com