What is Outbound?

    Outbound is an 18+ Program for students that are continuing to work on Occupational Goals and that have finished their required High School credits. The goal of Outbound is to prepare students to work towards independence while receiving job training. 

    Outbound focuses on maximizing independence, building marketable skills, supporting student’s strengths for a vocation, and to seamlessly transition into a postsecondary job that interests the 18-21 age range of students. The Outbound 18 plus program is here to encourage students with real-life settings in community-based environments.

    Students are provided opportunities to bolster their social/verbal skills and students will go into the community to explore career options. Students will be provided with class instruction on current events, money management, and interviewing skills with recreation activities build in – nevertheless the program’s main application is employment and independent living skills.

    Outbound instructors will encourage students to become productive and responsible citizens. Students will be placed in unpaid apprenticeships work sites.  Students will be taught functional academics with the ultimate goal of becoming independently employed. Outbound instructors will encourage students to self-advocate, to build their resume, and develop their interviewing skills.

    - Buckner's Humanitarian Aide Center
    - Sharing Life Community Outreach Center
    - King Arthur's Castle Child Development Center
    - Dollar Tree
    - Eastfield Community College: Pleasant Grove Campus
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    Outbound/18+ Program Coordinator


    Phone: 972-226-5974 ext. 4130 



    Special Olympics Events and Dates:


    Basketball- TBD

    Track and Field- TBD