•  Mrs. Travis
    Wendy Travis
    Honors Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
    ale High School
     Conference — 9:11-10:41 3A (M-W)

    Class Twitter- @WTravisclass 

    Tutoring Available Tuesday & Thursday - 3:20 - 3:40 PM
    Classroom resources                                                              
    Biology- Sapling Online Textbook http://hs.saplinglearning.com  
                  Google classroom code- ip62qj
    Anatomy-Google classroom code-  q150n2   www.pearsonrealize.com
     Weekly Class Objectives: March 4-22
    Anatomy and Physiology - will be beginning our study of the Nervous System with nervous tissues.
    Honors 1  will be investigating evolution by natural selection and the use of taxonomy.
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests
    Honors Biology- Evolution test- Friday, March 8th