Sunnyvale ISD Board of Trustees

  • SISD Board of Trustees 2021

    • Mr. Brad Cravens, President
    • Mrs. Linda Gooch, Vice-President
    • Mr. Michael Threet, Secretary
    • Mr. Ben Wright
    • Dr. Pollye Hunter
    • Mr. Kelleyton Wilson, Sr.
    • Mrs. Lee Mathew, RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC
    • Mr. Doug Williams, Superintendent

    SISD Board of Trustees Vision Statement:

    Sunnyvale ISD, in partnership with the community, is a stable, safe, and caring “hometown” learning environment that focuses on the changing needs of our students and achieves academic excellence.

    We Believe:
    *all people are equal in worth
    *change is a fundamental part of life that can be anticipated and directed
    *learning is a lifelong process
    *knowledge and personal effort are vital for achievement
    *a safe environment is critical for effective teaching, learning, and living
    *the family is the principal influence in the development of the individual
    *community involvement in educational excellence is an opportunity, not just a responsibility
    *moral and ethical behavior is crucial to society
    *each individual is accountable for his/her actions


    Trustee Meetings:

    The SISD Board of Trustees meets on the fourth Monday of each month in the Gwinn Blankenship Board Room at 7:00 p.m.