• 6th Grade Announcements


    WEEK OF Sept. 16-20


    This week we will finish Unit 2 (Ordering Rational Numbers) and take a quiz on Wednesday. Then we will start Unit 3 with Adding and Subtracting Rationals.  



    Unit #2: Positive Rational Numbers. Please see my calendar for details of assignments.

    Monday: Unit 1 Practice Test 

    Tuesday: Unit 1 Test

    Wednesday: Unit 1 Test

    Thursday: Adding & Subtracting Decimals: Student Handout #1

    Friday: Adding & Subtracting Decimals: Homework #1



    Cultural Borrowing, different types governments ***Unit 1 Test, Thursday 9/26****


    Intro to Social Studies: World Cultures, Governments, and Economics.

    Wagnitz-continent and oceans "pop" quiz Friday.  ******Unit Test on Friday.




    Monday - Online textbook assignments

    Tuesday - Finish up online textbooks assignments
    Wednesday - Library - Book Fair
    Thursday - "Life Doesn't Frighten Me"
    Friday - "Life Doesn't Frighten Me"
    This week we are learning how Force & Motion are related to Potential and Kinetic Energy and what other various types of energy such as Light, Sound, Chemical, etc. are involved in our lives and how these energies are constantly being transformed.
    General Announcements and Upcoming Events
    9/16-20: Book fair
    9/16: SMS girls vball  @ Caddo Mills @ 5:30
    9/17: SMS fball @ Quinlan @ 4:30
    9/20: Spirit Day (Mathlete vs. Athlete), Tenor/Bass Choir trip to Whirly Ball, 
    9/21: Carnival, Homecoming Parade, Pep Rally, SMS girls vball B team tournament @ Caddo Mills
    9/23-27: Homecoming Week!
    9/23: Spirit Day (Rock n Roll), SMS girls vball home @ 5:30, Board Mtg @ 7
    9/24: Spirit Day (College Shirt Day),
    9/25: Spirit Day (Disney Day)
    9/26: Spirit Day (Fake an Injury Day), SMS fball @ Eustace @ 4:30
    9/27: All district Pep Rally in Stadium (AM), Homecoming game, Spirit Day (Blue/Gold Out)
    9/28: UIL Eligibility Report
    9/30: SMS vball @ Princeton @ 5:30
    10/1: Hello Night @ 6:30pm (teachers need to be there)
    10/2: SMS staff vs student Pink Out Vball game, Early Release schedule
    10/3:  SMS Choir fall concert @ 6:30
    10/4: Spirit Day (Decade Day)
     6th Grade: GRADING POLICY
    • Student will have up to 7 days to turn in late work
    • Honors Math will have 5 days
    • Point deduction for late work is left up to teacher discretion