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    WEEK OF January 13-17


    My classes are taking their Unit 4 Test tomorrow and Wednesday (if needed) and then we are launching our "Friends-giving" ELU on Thursday! :) 



    Unit #3: Integer Operations

    Monday: QUIZ: Adding & Subtracting Integers

    Tuesday: Multiplying Integers

    Wednesday:  Dividing Integers 

    Thursday: Integer Operations Practice

    Friday: Integer Operations Practice Test



    Kendzior- East/Southeast Test Thursday, Nov. 7th

    Intro to Social Studies: World Cultures, Governments, and Economics.

    Wagnitz-continent and oceans "pop" quiz Friday.  ******Unit Test on Friday.



    #WeDAY Create phase- Ambassador, Poem, Read Play, design T-shirt 

    Review for Unit Test


    Monday - MAP testing

    Tuesday - Freak the Mighty novel study guide: work with table to finish answering questions for past chapters

    Wednesday - Finish MAP testing

    Thursday - Freak the Mighty plot diagram; Chapters 10-11

    Friday - Freak the Mighty Chapters 12-13


    In Science we are starting a two week "Rocks & Minerals"  unit. We will be focusing on the difference between Rocks and Minerals. Students will be learning the three main types of Rocks... Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous.  They will also learn the characteristics of a Mineral and the tests done on minerals to classify them. 
    General Announcements and Upcoming Events
    1/13: SMS girls bball @ home @ 5:30
    1/14: FCA mtg in gym @ 7:45, , 
    1/16: SMS boys bball @ Caddo Mills @ 5:30, CBAS mtg @ 7pm @ admin
    1/17: SMS region band clinic, 
    1/20: No school (comp day)
    1/21: 6th grade @ ATT Stadium for class field trip, CIT meeting at 4pm, 
    1/23: , SMS boys bball home @ 5:30pm, SMS girls bball away @ Quinlan @ 5:30pm
    1/24: Homebase day (No R&R), 
     6th Grade: GRADING POLICY
    • Student will have up to 7 days to turn in late work
    • Honors Math will have 5 days
    • Point deduction for late work is left up to teacher discretion