• 6th Grade Announcements


    WEEK OF March 18-22


    The week following spring break, 6th grade honors math will begin a unit data and statistics. We will work on measures of center, measures of variability and dot, stem & leaf and box plots. 



    This week we continue Unit 6: Expressions & Equations

    • Monday - Expressions Unit Study Guide
    • Tuesday - Modeling Verbal Expressions 
    • Wednesday - Unit 6 Test
    • Thursday - Unit 6 Test
    • Friday - Intro to Hands On Equations



    History-  Sub-Saharan Africa: South Africa Apartheid and  West Africa-Kente Cloth*WAGNITZ/SOCIAL STUDIES-This week: colonization in


    Africa, culture across Africa, and Kente cloth project


    Monday - No school
    Tuesday - Present PSA; Valentine's day and President's day close reading & comparison
    Wednesday -  Puncutating and capitalization with Dialogue
    Thursday - Writing with Dialogue
    Friday - ELU Launch


    *Practice w/ Revising & Editing  *Intro to INFORMATIONAL TEXT  *text structures pre-test   *ELU Launch on Friday



    We are currently studying Force & Motion, with an emphasis on being able to: Identify and Describe the changes in position, direction, and speed of an object when acted upon by unbalanced forces, and knowing how to calculate the average speed of a moving object and, finally, being able to create, and interpret Distance/Time as well as Speed/Time graphs.

    General Announcements and Upcoming Events

    2/25: Track meet @ home @ 3:30pm, Board mtg @ 7pm
    2/27: Special Olympics @ SHS in the AM
    3/1: FCA mtg @ 7am, SMS Choir clinic @ Lakeview Centennial @ 12pm
    3/2: SMS Cheer clinic, 7th/8th grade Beach Dance @ SMS @ 7:30pm 
    3/4: College Week  Assemblies for course selection sheets around lunches, SMS track meet @ 3:30pm @ Community, cheer tryout clinics after school
    3/5: Cheer tryout clinic in gym after school, SMS 7th/8th grade Choir Pre UIL concert @ SV Auditorium @ 3:30pm, Transition night @ SMS @ 6pm for incoming 6th graders and 7pm for incoming 7th and 8th graders
    3/6: Cheer tryout clinic in gym after school,  SHS Counselor will be visiting with 8th graders after lunch during 5th period, 8th grade parent meeting @ HS @ 6:30pm for incoming 9th graders
    3/7: Cheer tryout clinic in gym after school, All Pro Dad mtg @ 7am in library
    3/8: Course selection sheets due today, SMS Cheer tryouts after school in gym @ 3:30pm


    6th Grade:

    • Student will have up to 7 days to turn in late work
    • Honors Math will have 5 days
    • Point deduction for late work is left up to teacher discretion