• 7th Grade Announcements



    What's going on in class?


    ELA (Teel):  

    Monday - Finish questions for "Rogue Wave"; online textbook assignments
    Tuesday - Finish up online textbook assignments
    Wednesday - Library - Book Fair
    Thursday - "The Flight of Icarus" & "Icarus's Flight"
    Friday - "The Flight of Icarus" & "Icarus's Flight"


    ELA (Henderson):  

    TEKS: 7B, 7C, 8A, 5F, 6C, 8A, 7A, 9A, 10Dvii, 

    * "Words Matter" Vocab Wall- Each student will add a new word from their weekend reading (30 minute minimum each weekend with the completion of one book/quarter).

    *Textbook Selections- Unit 1 "Taking Action": 

    Selections this week include: Short Story, Myth, and Poem

    Parents, check out our new online textbooks under your child's Classlink! 


     Texas History (Kendzior):  Continuing to work on their lap books (major grade) for the Natural Regions of Texas. Friday, Oct.20th students will have a vocabulary quiz.

     Texas History (Walker): Texas History-We are studying the regions of Texas and beginning a project over Texas elevations.  Students have an instruction sheet and rubric in Google Classroom!  We will be working on our projects in class Wednesday and Thursday! 

    Texas History (Gunter):  Working on our Region's Lapbook (test grade) this will be due Friday 9/20.


    Math (Moorman and Thompson):  This week we will write and solve 2 step equations. QUIZ Friday!


    Honors Math (Moorman and Wilson):
     This week we will Solve Equations and Inequalities. Quiz Wednesday!



    Science (Gomez):  We will continue with Unit 1 and Cell Organelles.  No tests scheduled at this time.


    Science (T. Smith):   


    7th Grade Grading Policy

    The following guidelines apply to all academic areas (except Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Spanish and Honors W. History) 

    • Accurate and up to date grades shall be kept by each teacher with a minimum of 10 daily grades taken each quarter
    • There should be a minimum of 3 tests or equivalent assessments required each quarter. This category does not include semester exams.

    7th Grade:

    • Student will have up to 5 days to turn in late work
    • Honors classes will have 3 days
    • Point deduction for late work is left up to teacher discretion