SISD Strategic Plan

  • SISD’s Vision for the Future


    In the spring of 2018, as a proactive blueprint for SISD’s future, the Board of Trustees established a Strategic Planning Team. This team, made up of a diverse group of community members, town leaders, teachers and administrators, was charged with setting goals and priorities for the next 3-5 years for SISD.

    With a goal of outlining a collective vision for SISD, board members and administrators sought to involve parents, community members, and staff members throughout the entire Strategic Planning process,” Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christ Morgan said.


    The entire planning process was led by independent consultants, Dr. Jenny Preston and Sheri Sides, whose years of experience as leaders in education at the highest levels, brought objective and thoughtful guidance to the group.

    During the initial planning sessions, a new SISD mission and vision statement were developed:


    Mission Statement:
    The mission of Sunnyvale ISD is to engage, equip and empower all learners for life-long success.


    Vision Statement:

    Sunnyvale Raiders Rise!


    Additionally, six objectives were defined and became the focus of the Strategic Planning team:

    1. Teaching and Learning
    2. Staff Quality and Recruitment
    3. Innovation and Future-Readiness
    4. Wellness
    5. Funding, Finance and Facilities
    6. Community Partnership


    The Strategic Planning Team then subdivided into action teams which were independent of the primary team. New members were added to each action team and each team developed strategies for one of the six objectives and then created specific action steps to support achievement of the desired results. The teams also submitted a cost vs. benefit summary for each strategy.


    “The true benefit of the action teams was the diversity of each team, both in make up and in opinion,’ Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christi Morgan said. “The rich background of our teams allowed us to gain insight from our community and reach a fuller consensus on next steps for SISD.”


    The collaborative approach of the planning and action teams was essential to the overall outcomes achieved.


    “The best part of this process was getting to work with people from all over Sunnyvale,” Town Council Member Kevin Clark said. “By hearing the many different perspectives of our wonderfully diverse citizens of Sunnyvale, we were able to truly produce a product that was beneficial for all students in the Town of Sunnyvale.”

    SISD Strategic Planning Team 

    Aimee Bartis, SMS Teacher
    Ali Bryant, SES Asst. Principal
    Almarie Campos, SHS Teacher
    Amy Tutle, SISD Administrator
    Austen Irrobali, Parent
    Brad Cravens, Board Member
    Brandon Tunnell, SMS Principal
    Brittany Dlabaj, SMS Asst. Principal
    Buck Baskin, SISD Technology
    Christi Morgan, SISD Asst. Superintendent
    David Ojeda, Parent
    Deanna Wyse, Parent
    Doug Williams, SISD Superintendent
    Emily Lemmond, SES Teacher
    Emily White, SISD Communications
    Erica Lawless, SISD Administrator
    Evie Gardner, Parent
    Gerald Bunger Parent
    Glenda McMahan, SES Counselor
    J.D. Ivy, Parent
    Jamie Willis, Parent
    Jeff Jacobs, SHS Teacher
    Jennifer Settle, SHS Asst. Principal
    Kelsey Adams, SHS Teacher
    Kenya Ware, SES Teacher
    Kevin Clark Parent
    Kim Smith, SMS Teacher
    Lance Gardner, Parent
    Lisa Stovall, SMS Teacher
    Melanie Meinhardt, Parent
    Melissa Bennett, SHS Teacher
    Melissa James, SMS Counselor
    Ron Sterling, SHS Principal
    Sara Staley, SES Principal
    Shanda Moorman, SMS Teacher
    Sherrie Koerner, SES Teacher
    Shiney Daniel, Parent
    Steven Laramay, Parent
    Suzanne Valenta, SES Teacher
    Uma Youts, Parent
    Veronica Martinez-Cantu, Parent
    Wendy Travis, SHS Teacher


    Our Vision:

    Sunnyvale Raiders Rise!

    We believe:

    - Building relationships, promoting risk-taking, and inspiring learners of all ages and abilities encourages success

    - Setting high expectations and providing diverse, meaningful learning opportunities supports student growth

    - Educating independent learners, collaborative problem solvers, innovative thinkers, engaged citizens and effective communicators prepares students for their future

    - Meeting the needs of all students and staff – academic, physical, social and emotional – promotes wellness and resilience

    - Responsible fiscal planning and management enables us to provide safe, innovative learning environments for students, staff, and our community

    - Strong community involvement and school pride fosters the success of our Raider family – four campuses, one school

    Our Purpose:

    The mission of Sunnyvale ISD is to engage, equip, and empower all learners for life-long success.




    Action Plans:

    Teaching and Learning

    Create opportunities to improve the quality of instruction and learning.

    1.1 Analyze and adopt schedules to create dedicated time for horizontal/vertical cross-curricular collaboration to enhance classroom instruction.

    1.1.1:  Create a district task force to adopt schedules that allow for dedicated time for horizontal/vertical cross-curricular collaboration for the purpose of professional development that enhances classroom instruction.

    Staff Quality & Recruitment

    Design and coordinate systems to recruit and equip highly qualified employees.

    2.1 Develop innovative recruitment strategies and optimize staffing processes.

    2.1.1:  Develop a program that increases the number of qualified applicants for open teaching positions.

    2.2 Construct a professional development framework.

    2.2.1:  Provide opportunities for flexible and professional learning that encourages collaboration  and sharing of teaching strategies and techniques.

    Innovation & Future-Readiness

    Create, foster and encourage an environment that empowers students and staff to reach their full potential through innovative practices.

    3.1 Reframe the perceptions of success by focusing on the process, not the product.

    3.1.1:  Encourage innovative teaching/grading practices at all levels (i.e. flipped classroom, ELU, etc.) and share successes.

    3.1.2:  Provide Instructional Support and Resources to all teachers.

    3.1.3:  Develop a process for student goal setting at all levels.

    3.2 Tailor learning to the individual learner within the context of teamwork and collaboration.

    3.2.1:  Utilize a multifaceted rubric that includes the following:  content, soft skills, collaboration, individual learning goals, team product and reflection.

    3.2.2:  Provide quality resources for teachers to convey content effectively to a variety of learning styles when facilitating group activities.

    3.2.3:  Promote extracurricular/co-curricular activities that support teamwork and collaboration.


    Create a proactive and balanced approach to wellness that will ensure every RAIDER appreciates and maximizes their potential.

    4.1 Develop a plan that addresses the physical, social, emotional, and mental wellness to meet the needs of every RAIDER.

    4.1.1:  Promote wellness for all students by providing social/emotional strategies in the classroom.

    4.1.2:  Provide resources and training for parents that will enhance the outcome of wellness for every student.

    4.2 Provide resources and training that equip staff to identify, support, and follow-through with needed intervention.

    4.2.1:  Grow the engagement of all staff by building their capacity to promote wellness.

    4.2.2:  Investigate the need to hire a district-wide crisis counselor.

    Funding, Facilities, & Finance

    All stakeholders will optimize resources to enhance student success.

    5.1 Utilize existing steering committee to develop recommendations, based on findings and community priorities.

    5.1.1:  Have a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) with an increase of no less than $0.08 to Maintenance and Operations tax in order to meet anticipated funding needs without increasing class sizes or significantly impacting current levels of education, security, or other services.  Consider ability to offset this amount utilizing a tax swap if there is availability to reduce the Interest & Sinking tax up to $0.08.

    5.1.2:  Consider charging fees to offset direct costs to programs as well as taking certain cost avoidance measures.  Reduce the amount of projected future budget shortfalls by charging net new fees and reducing expenses before September 2019.

    5.1.3:  Increase fundraising by increasing the amount of collaboration between all school support organizations and the Sunnyvale Education Foundation in order to offset SISD expenses.   

    SISD will provide safe, state-of-the-art facilities.

    6.1 Utilize the existing safety and facilities steering committees to develop recommendations of its findings.

    6.1.1:  Create plan for campus safety to include: law enforcement, fire safety, traffic plans, hazardous/ inclement weather policies and behavioral intervention.

    Community Partnerships

    Build strong community relations and involvement.

    7.1 Develop a community relations plan to ensure inclusivity.

    7.1.1:  Develop a framework to enhance community relations and involvement.

    7.2 Enhance communications and connect community partners.

    7.2.1:  Build strong communications and connect community partners.