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Degrees and Certifications:

National Board Certified Teacher (Physics) M.S in Education B.S. in Education (Physics) University of Kansas

Mr. Macon

Educational Philosophy: All students should be exposed to physics as part of becoming literate in both the fundamental laws of nature and the application of the scientific method. In short, all students can learn physics. Successful students accept the challenges presented by explaining and predicting the behavior of nature and exhibit a growth mindset. 

Our relationship as student and teacher is a partnership. My success, as your teacher, is your success as my student. My job in our partnership is to intellectually challenge you to understand how the laws of nature apply to various systems. I will never ask the same question twice, however, I will redundantly test your ability to apply over arching physics concepts (ie the conservation of energy). Together we will use the AP exam as a short term goal to reach the longitudinal mission of lifelong memories rooted in physics (and an increase in scientific literacy).


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