• Raider Student Best Practices Tips

    This will be a learning year unlike any other most of us have experienced. Below are some best practices to help you continue your classroom success in all learning environments.


    Accessing Your Student Google Account

     All student Google accounts are in the format lastname.firstname@sunnyvaleisd.net with no spaces, hyphens, or apostrophes. If you go by your middle name that may have been used.

    PK-2nd Grade student Passwords
    Students in these grades have their passwords set for them.  The format is their first name with proper capitalization followed by their 6 digit student ID# with leading zeros.
    John Doe:
    Student ID#: 1234
    3rd-12th Grade student passwords.
    Students in these grades set their own passwords.  If it is your first time logging in you will use the temporary password p@ssword123 and then will be prompted to set your own password.

    Resource Login Guides

    Below you will find videos to guide you through the instructional resources you have available to you and how to access each of them. You can also refer to the Student Login Doc that was shared with you. 




    Middle School

    High School