• Hello SMS Families!

    How is it already November? Do you ever feel like it was just January, you blinked, and here we are, near the end of the year? I love November: the trees changing colors, the weather cooling down, time with family and a reminder of all I have to be thankful for.

    This month's character focus is Generosity. For pre-teens and teens, it is completely natural for kids to be somewhat self-centered in their thoughts. Their world often revolves around what they need and want. However, as they are getting older, they can begin to look outside of their own needs, and be responsive to the needs of others. Being generous doesn't mean we have to give money- there are countless ways to show generosity for free. Whether it's giving through acts of service, kind words, doing a good deed, volunteering, showing empathy, writing a letter, or spending time with people you care about, everyone can show generosity. 
    Find time to model generosity with your kids, and have a conversation with them about what they are thankful for, and how they can give back to others.


    At SMS, we have the opportunity to give back to people in our community. We are collecting food for our Give Back Baskets. There will also be angels available at SES and SIS for our Angel Tree.


    I hope you all have a great November! Enjoy the weather and time with family and friends. 

    And here's a fun video, just because. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5yCOSHeYn4

    Raider Love,

    Rae Harvill, SMS Counselor