• Having Issues With MyMathLab?


    I have had several students experience issues accessing material on MyMathLab. Although I am not "tech support", I can tell you that almost 100% of the time, the issue is NOT with MyMathLab. A simple check of one or two things has fixed almost every single problem that I've seen. On rare occasions, MyMathLab has had outages. They usually post a message on the home screen when you log in, and they fix the problems pretty quickly. However, if you have an issue, go through this very short checklist first, and see if the issue is resolved.

    1) Make sure you are using Chrome. While this is not absolutely necessary, Chrome seems to have the fewest problems.

    2) Make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups from the MyMathLab or Pearson site.

    3) And MOST importantly... CLEAR THE CACHE. On Chrome, if you go into the settings (the three dots at the top right corner), go to the History settings and click on History. At the left, click "Clear browsing data", and a window should come up with some check boxes. The only one (I think) that really matters is the cache. Make sure the "cached images and files" box is checked. Also, there is a pull down menu that tells it how far back to go. Select "the beginning of time". Then click the "Clear Browsing Data" button.

    * FYI: If you leave the other boxes checked when you clear the browsing data, it might clear any pre-filled login information you have on other websites. If that matters to you, uncheck all the boxes except the one for the cache.

    I can't promise that this will fix every issue, but it has fixed the vast majority of problems that I've seen.


    Didn't Work?


    If clearing the cache and browsing data doesn't work, there's a chance it could be an issue with the MyMathLab site. If other people are experiencing the same issue, there's a fair chance that it's an issue with their website. In that case, there is a button for "Support" on the MyMathLab site which you can use to see if they can get the issue resolved. Definitely email me and let me know about the issue. I can check things on my end and see if there is a website issue or not.