• 7th Grade Announcements

    April 29th - May 3rd


    What's going on in class?


    ELA (Teel):  

    Monday & Tuesday - Reading MAP

    Wednesday - The Giver Ch. 2-3

    Thursday - The Giver Ch. 4-5
    Friday- The Giver Ch. 6-8
    ELA (Henderson):  
    The Giver- read chapters in class and answer comprehension, analysis and synthesis questions...culminating in a Socratic Circle discussion (final test) and our own "Ceremony of Twelve"! 
    *Expository Essay Critique Circles (see students' on-line portfolios)
    *MAP Test- Monday, April 29th. 
    *Vocab Quiz- Wednesday, May 1st. (word, definition, sentence= words from their self-selected reading this year)
    *STAAR Reading Practice Packets- Tuesday, May 14th-STAAR Reading Test.

     Texas History (Kendzior):  Great Depression

     Texas History (Walker): We have a test Monday!  Study the Quizlet in Google Classroom and your study guide!!
    Our next unit cover the Great Depression and World War II.

    Texas History (Gunter):  We are starting Unit 10 over The Great Depression and WW2


    Math (Connel and Moorman):  Map testing this week. Moorman's students will test Monday and Tuesday, and Connel's students will test Wedesday and Thursday. We will continue STAAR review of geometry and proportionality. 

    Honors Math (Moorman and Wilson):
     Map testing this week. Start Choice Board project over Algebra concepts. 


    Science (Gomez):  


    Science (T. Smith):   Catastrophic Events and Ecosystems Unit Test on Tuesday 5/1. Please see Google Classroom for resources.

    Begin Investigating Characteristics of our Solar System.

    7th Grade Grading Policy

    The following guidelines apply to all academic areas (except Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Spanish and Honors W. History) 

    • Accurate and up to date grades shall be kept by each teacher with a minimum of 10 daily grades taken each quarter
    • There should be a minimum of 3 tests or equivalent assessments required each quarter. This category does not include semester exams.

    7th Grade:

    • Student will have up to 5 days to turn in late work
    • Honors classes will have 3 days
    • Point deduction for late work is left up to teacher discretion