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Sunnyvale ISD Trustees Call Voter-Approval Tax Ratification Election

Election Day is November 8; Early Voting Begins October 24

On November 8, 2022, voters in the Town of Sunnyvale will have the opportunity to vote in a special Voter-Approval Tax Ratification Election. If passed, the VATRE would generate additional general operating revenue funding measures that would support SISD’s Strategic Plan.

The primary focus of this election is SISD’s desire to retain and recruit the best educators. To employ the most talented teachers, SISD must present a competitive compensation package to not only attract newly-hired teachers, but also provide longevity pay for veteran faculty and staff.

“Sunnyvale kids deserve the very best teachers,” Superintendent Doug Williams said. “Our community has always made it clear that our district must hire excellent educators and value our veteran teachers. The goals that will be funded by the VATRE are a direct reflection of the expectations of our community.”

Additionally, the election will address other priorities of the Sunnyvale community including: maintaining class sizes below the state average (a long-standing philosophy of the district’s leadership and trustees), maintaining robust student programs and course offerings, and securing student safety and wellness.

If passed, voters would see a $.0326 increase on their annual taxes. However historically, SISD’s tax rate has consistently fallen. This tax rate increase will result in a tax increase of $163 annually for a $500,000 home.

These priorities are aligned with the community developed and board-adopted SISD Strategic Plan, which was created by a group of 150 Sunnyvale community members, teachers, parents, administrators and students.

SISD Community Summit: Please join us for a Community Summit on September 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the SHS Auditorium to learn more about the VATRE from Mr. Williams.

What Will the VATRE Fund?

  • Provide competitive salaries for Sunnyvale teachers, including longevity pay for SISD’s valued veteran educators. SISD and its leadership want to keep these gifted teachers in Sunnyvale because they understand the value of quality educators. Recruiting the best and brightest teachers is also a key goal for SISD.

  • Maintain classes sizes that are below the state average. This has been a community desire since the school district’s earliest days. SISD and its leadership values that tradition.

  • Maintain robust student programs and course offerings for Sunnyvale students. Offering a well-rounded list of student programs and courses meets SISD’s mission to engage, equip and empower all learners for life-long success.

  • Augment student safety and wellness needs. SISD is planning to add additional personnel around campus in order to enhance district security.