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SES Sensory Paths Make Learning Fun

Who says walking in a straight line is the only way to walk down the hall at school?

Thanks to a fun new initiative at SES, students can jump, hop, twist and march their way through the elementary hallways, all while improving their ability to learn.


“The first time I saw a sensory path in an elementary school, I knew I wanted to find a way to get them for SES,” Principal Brittany Dlabaj said. “I wanted students to have an outlet in which they could take a brain break and have an outlet to release their energy.”


Sensory Paths are brightly designed activities that appear in a series of movements that are designed to help students improve cognition while releasing restless energy. SES has added sensory paths throughout the campuses so that students may utilize them.


“I am not one to care about classes walking in perfectly straight lines down a hallway and I whole-heartedly believe that student learning will increase when students have the opportunity for movement,” Dlabaj said. “Our students love being able to hop, skip and jump down the hallway! It brings so much energy and excitement to their day.”


Students couldn’t agree more.


“They are super fun to walk on,” kindergartener Joshua Rajajgiriyil said. “You can march on them and hop and you can do it without anyone seeing you. They are very fun!”