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SMS “R&R Time” Adds Flexibility and Choice to Daily Schedule

SMS has implemented a new flexible schedule this fall that is benefitting both teachers and students by incorporating the needs of the entire campus.

"Almost a year ago we formed a committee here at SMS to determine how we could form a daily schedule which would meet the needs of our students and staff,” Principal Brandon Tunnell said. “This is how R&R (Raiders Rise) Time was born.” 

The SMS staff had several ideas for the news flexible schedule. The needs of the campus were ranked and the top three needs became the staff’s primary focus.

“The first was to provide time for our staff to design and plan amazing lessons and also have the ability to collaborate with each other in weekly grade level meetings,” Tunnell said. “Secondly, we wanted to provide students choice and voice while allowing them to learn responsibility and take ownership for their learning throughout the day. Lastly, we wanted to focus on our students’ and staff's social and emotional well-being, as this is a goal of our campus and district's strategic plan.” 

Emily White