Sunnyvale ISD District of Innovation Plan (Adopted)

The Sunnyvale ISD Board of Trustees passed a resolution to pursue designation as a District of Innovation (DOI) on November 28, 2016. A public hearing was held, and the DOI team was appointed in December. Based upon district goals and staff/community feedback, the District of Innovation plan has been drafted and accepted by the committee. The DOI team posted the plan for 30 days, held a public meeting for approval, then sought board approval for the local District of Innovation Plan. The Sunnyvale ISD board of trustees approved the plan on March 27, 2017. Sunnyvale ISD has requested exemption from the Texas Education Codes pertaining to:

  1.  First Day of Instruction (EB Legal) (TEC 25.0811)
  2.  Class Size Waiver (EEB Legal) (TEC 25.112, 25.113)
  3.  Teacher Certification (DK Legal, Local) (TEC 21.003)
  4.  Teacher Contracts (DCA Legal) (TEC 21.102)
SunnyvaleISDDistrictofInnovationPlanFinal.pdf, 325.22 KB; (Last Modified on April 10, 2017)