Business Office

Brenda McFalls

Brenda McFalls

Chief Financial Officer
Sunnyvale ISD

The Sunnyvale ISD Business Office is responsible for the district's fiscal operations, including accounting and financial reporting, accounts payable, investments, payroll and benefits, budgeting, food service, internal controls, financial planning and debt management.

Lyn Kellogg photo

Lyn Kellogg

Payroll Specialist
Sunnyvale ISD Business Office

Phone: (972)-226-5974

Victoria Swanger photo

Victoria Swanger

Accounts Payable
Sunnyvale ISD Business Office

Phone: (972) 226-5974

Payroll and Benefits

1. Direct Deposit Authorizations or Changes

 (At Least 10 Days Prior to Payday) - please e-mail me for details on how to complete this process.

2. Increase due to certification or higher degree

3. Substitute Pay Scale - please click on the link to the left. 

4. Any other questions related to payroll or benefits.