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SEF Announces Lineage As $20,000 Title Sponsor

  • SEF Gala 2019 Poster

    The Sunnyvale Education Foundation has announced that Lineage
    — one of Sunnyvale’s newest businesses — will once again serve as the $20,000 presenting sponsor for this spring’s annual SEF Gala and Auction.

    “Besides changing the skyline in Sunnyvale with their new building structure, Lineage Logistics is committed to changing and improving the lives our our students through scholarships and teacher grants," SEF President Steve Bruszer said. "Their commitment to once again return as Presenting Gala Sponsor is a direct reflection of their mission statement which is built upon a legacy of family values and integrity. Thank you Lineage Logistics!"

    Lineage will join Trinity Capital Bank as a top-level gala sponsor this spring. The bank will return to the gala as a $12,500 “Master of Ceremony” sponsor. Other sponsor levels are available and may be found at


    The theme of this year’s gala is “Cirque”, offering a glimpse into a night under the bigtop. Attendees will enjoy entertainment inspired by the theme among friends while dressed in cocktail attire.

    “SEF is a critical partner in implementing SISD’s mission to, ‘engage, equip and empower all learners for life-long success,’” Superintendent Doug Williams said. “With SEF’s generous support, our teachers can dream big and create truly engaging and inspiring lessons that go beyond the limitations of district budgets.”

    As the gala continues to grow, the Lineage Cirque Gala will be held in a new venue - Deep Ellum’s The Bomb Factory. The Royal Dukes Band will bring the fun to the dance floor as the featured live entertainment. As always, the live and silent auctions will not disappoint! The event will be held at 6:30 p.m. on April 6. Tickets will be sold online at


    JOIN US!

    Come to the Lineage Cirque Gala, benefitting the Sunnyvale Education Foundation on April 6 at 6:30 p.m. at The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum, Dallas and be a part of the foundation’s mission to support the Sunnyvale ISD by funding exciting new learning opportunities for Sunnyvale students and teachers. Since its inception in 1999, SEF has partnered with the Sunnyvale community to raise more than $1 million.


    SEF is so grateful for its community partners, who support the annual gala and auction through their generous sponsorships. Please visit the SEF website for more information on SEF's current sponsors and on how your business or group may become an SEF sponsor.

Brittany Dlabaj Named Elementary School Principal

  • Brittany Dlabaj 18

    Staley Named New Leader of Intermediate School

    Sunnyvale ISD’s Board of Trustees named SMS Assistant Principal Brittany Dlabaj the new principal of Sunnyvale Elementary School at their November meeting. 

    Dlabaj’s move comes as Sara Staley, the elementary school’s current top administrator, takes on the role of principal at the new Sunnyvale Intermediate School. 

    “In her time with Sunnyvale, Mrs. Dlabaj has proven to be a strong instructional leader while developing a great rapport with our teachers and students,” Superintendent Doug Williams said. “We know that she is prepared to continue the great work that has been done at Sunnyvale Elementary.”

    Dlabaj is an experienced administrator with an extensive background in elementary education. She joins the elementary staff after serving as the assistant principal at SMS for the past four years, gaining valuable knowledge about SISD’s systems and procedures. Prior that that, she spent five years as the assistant principal at Walter Floyd Elementary School in Mesquite ISD. She also spent several years in the elementary classroom in Mesquite ISD.

    “I am very excited to move back to an elementary school,” Dlabaj said. “I was previously an elementary assistant principal for 5 years before coming to Sunnyvale. Although I love the middle school and our sweet kids here, I can't wait for the hugs and the excitement the little ones bring into the school each day.”

    Dlabaj will take over the reins from Sara Staley, who has successfully led the elementary school as principal for nearly four years. 

    “I am excited to continue the wonderful work that Sara has been doing at the elementary school,” Dlabaj said. “Looking ahead to next year, when we become a PreK-2 campus, my vision for our youngest Raiders would be to create an environment where students are excited to come to school and where they will learn what it means to be a Raider. The primary years are so important in reading development, and it will be my goal to help their teachers instill a love of reading in each student.”

    Staley will take on her new responsibilities at the Intermediate School principal beginning in January in order to promote a smooth transition for all elementary, intermediate and middle school students. Dlabaj will move to the elementary campus in January, as well. 

    “Brittany and I have a great working relationship,” Staley said. “We share many of the same values and core beliefs in educating our students. We attend trainings and conferences together and I know that we will work to make sure that we maintain a Pre-K-5th grade campus feeling within the district.” 

    Dlabaj and her husband, James, have two children: Owen and Eli, who are students in the elementary and middle school. The family lives in Sunnyvale.

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SISD Earns "Exceeds Expectations" on Community-Based Accountability Report

  • Community-Based Accountability Report: Exceeds Expectations

    Superintendent Doug Williams and the Board of Trustees have announced that SISD has earned an “Exceeds Expectations” rating on its Community-Based Accountability System Report for the 2017-2018 school year.

    “We believe that the Community-Based Accountability Report is a reflection of the beliefs and aspirations of our community,” Williams said. “It helps us meet our goal that all our students are future-ready.”

    SISD’s 2018 CBAS report indicates growth in several domains of the report between the 2017 and 2018 school years:

    Future Readiness:
    A high number of SHS students attempt and complete dual-credit courses. Our SHS students continue to have a high average on the SAT and ACT.

    21st Century Skills:

    A large number of SHS students are enrolled in CTE courses; about half of those students earn an industry certification. Also, district-wide, 90% of the time that SISD students are engaged in either STEM classes or lab activities, they are fully engaged.

    Instructional Practices
    A majority of SISD teachers practice inquiry-driven instruction,  a skill developed from practicing Engaged Learning Unit instruction, as measured by classroom observations.

    Culture and Climate
    SES had five informational nights while SMS and SHS had three informational nights. The 2018 seniors class earned an average of 85 community service hours.

    Fine Arts and Extra/Co-Curricular

    SISD continues to excel in all areas of UIL academics, fine art, and athletics.

    MAP Testing

    On average, SISD students are meeting or exceeding the growth projected. SISD continues to look at specific grade levels, classes and specific content at each of the three MAP administrations to monitor student trends and growth.

    SISD received an overall rating of A.

    • Each campus received Met Standard
    • This “rating” or “grade” of an A, as released by the Texas Education Agency as part of the new A-F Accountability System is only one factor of many in the overall Sunnyvale Community-Based Accountability System. The CBAS rating is based on 99 indicators, including those domains mentioned above.


    Areas for Improvement
    The report also found a few areas in which SISD can improve:

    • Explore new possibilities for the high school project, which culminates during the senior year.
    • Continue to monitor growth for all students, with close attention to the needs of economically disadvantaged students.
    • Examine the transition into Sunnyvale for all new students, and increase inclusivity for all.
    • Track and measure parent involvement in a more focused way.

    The mission of the Sunnyvale Independent School District is to

    “engage, equip and empower all leaders for life-long success.”

    To that end, SISD and its leadership believe in evaluating students holistically, using multiple indicators that are representative of our students’ true success. These indicators are more indicative of the expectations of our community, rather than a one-day test score.

    “It was important for SISD to find a system of assessment by which the district could be strictly measured that took into consideration all the many facets of our students,” Director of Accountability and Assessment Amy Tutle said. “We wanted to see them achieving beyond a once-a-year test score.”

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Where can I find the CBAS Rating: Please visit this link for the complete report:

    What is the CBAS Report: The Community-Based Accountability System Report is the evaluation tool for Sunnyvale ISD. It was created with the intention of accurately reporting to the community what Sunnyvale students are achieving regularly - from academic progress and future-readiness, to their extracurricular endeavors and even parental and community involvement.

    Does it take into consideration STAAR scores? Absolutely. However, it measures much more – from SAT and ACT scores to fine arts participation and extracurricular involvement to development of 21st-century skills and workforce development.

    Who created the CBAS Report? It was developed by a team of dedicated administrators, teachers, parents and community members.

    How is the CBAS rating used? The data gained from the CBAS rating is used to help SISD grow and improve. District administrators utilize these scores to help create district and campus goals and priorities.

SISD Debuts Teacher Profile

  • SISD Teacher Profile 18

    The SISD Teacher Profile is a statement of SISD’s vision and expectations for our campus educators. Designed as a companion piece for the SISD Graduate Profile (which showcases our goals for our students’ future readiness), the Teacher Profile was a collaborative project. Students on each of the campus action teams added their voice on the attributes of great teachers and the SISD faculty spent time in professional development contributed input to the piece, as well. Parents and community members also contributed to the profile.

    Students named three distinctions of a great teachers: connecting with students, encouraging students and inspiring students. The Teacher Profile features testimonies from students across the district about their favorite teachers and also highlights the district’s innovative learning spaces found throughout SISD facilities.

    View the entire Teacher Profile here or pick yours up on campus!

  • SISD has taken proactive steps to enhance safety and security protocols at all campuses.

    “The safety and security of our students is our highest priority,” Superintendent Doug Williams said. “Before we address curriculum, personnel, or technology, our number one objective is do everything we possibly can to provide the safest environment for the students of Sunnyvale.”

    While Sunnyvale has always been a safe and family-oriented community, the rash of school shootings across the nation last spring led SISD leadership to examine all campus security procedures.

    A “security task force” was established by the Board of Trustees to evaluate the district’s safety practices and procedures, including security features of our facilities. The team consists of faculty and staff members, parents and community members with either law enforcement or security backgrounds, and local enforcement officers. Following a period of evaluations, and observations at SISD campuses, the team reported their findings and recommendations to SISD leadership.

    The recommendations, which will take place beginning this fall, include:

    • A second buzz-in entry will be added at each campus to all interior entrance doors.

    • The district camera system are now web-based, ensuring instant access to not only the SISD administration command center, but to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, as well.

    • All interior classroom doors will now automatically lock.

    • Campus personnel received a hands-on, scenario-based “active shooter” training over the summer, in partnership with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

    • Revised security procedures for all classrooms will be implemented, to encourage a unified and simplistic use of security terms.

    • The SMS innovative learning expansion will feature added security enhancements.

    • Office personnel at each campus will participate in training for updated security procedures.

    • All faculty and staff will be required to wear identification badges.

    • All SHS students will be required to wear badges.

    “We appreciate all that have contributed to this process and are confident that we have enhanced the security for our campuses,” Williams said. 

    How Can Parents Support SISD’s Security Efforts?

    Creating a secure and safe environment is a team effort. Parents can help make SISD safer by doing the following:

    • Please be patient as we adapt to a new, more secure entrance system at each campus. As our front office get to know our new parents, this process will become much faster.

    • Please report any suspicious activity. You may make these reports to the building principals or to me directly. Many eyes are better than a few. You may also send anonymous tips through our SISD Tip Line by downloading the SISD App. Please encourage our students to do the same.

    • Please let campus personnel know if you are aware of any situations that might be a security risk. These tips will be used to investigate potential problems and kept confidential.

    Please download and review the Emergency Communications Guidelines.

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